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The Give Thyself Wholly Conference, the largest and most international Pastors’ conference in Africa, is a gathering of thousands of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel, Church leaders and workers from all around the globe. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills began these annual meetings over a decade ago. Every year, at the Qodesh (headquarters of the Lighthouse Chapel International), pastors come together to participate in this conference that births encouragement, inspiration, fresh hope, vision, revivals, new beginnings and higher levels in ministry.


The main speaker for this conference is Dag Heward-Mills. This conference has grown to be the largest pastors and Christian leaders’ conference in Africa, and one of the largest in the entire world. Dag Heward-Mills’ annual ‘Work of Ministry Conference’ sees thousands of pastors and church workers gathered from forty-six countries from all over the world for a wonderful five days of anointed fellowship. The conference has live translations into a number of languages to cater to the many nations represented. For more information, please visit daghewardmills.org